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Summer Camps


I feel so strongly that the transition summer between pre-school and Kindergarten is an important one to continue providing a safe, nurturing environment for your child.  Many of the summer options available to children are conducted in open parks with counselors who do not have the experience nor the specific training required to safely supervise young children.  Although they sound like new adventures, please be aware of these two possible scenarios.  Our summer camps are taught by your child’s current teachers and specialists in our school where every safety, health and educationally appropriate measure has been taken to assure a great experience.  The camps fill quickly, so please do take a few minutes to talk with your child about summer activities.  We know what your children love and although many of you may feel ready to move to the “big world” out there, remember that even Kindergarten classrooms and playgrounds are sheltered from the rest of the elementary school.  Please consider giving your child the gift of security this summer. 



Ella Mayon , MA,Ed.


The Children’s House of Los Altos

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