UC Threes Program

Our Upper Campus Threeís program has a small class size that allows children to grow and learn in a nurturing and exciting environment.  The smaller size of the campus allows us unique opportunities to share knowledge with the children and lends a feeling of community and family.  
The children in the Threeís class have two main teachers that they spend circle time, snack and lunch with, but also have access to the other teachers during inspirations, discovery and exploration time.  This allows them to have a small home base, while being able to explore the entire center on their own, at their own pace.  
Inside, the children can explore the Practical Life, Science, Math and Language areas, as well as using the Playnasium for gross motor activities and the Art Studio where masterpieces are always being created!
Our outside areas lend beautifully to learning about nature, with each child planting bulbs in a plot with his or her name on it, planting and tending the vegetables in the garden, as well as maintaining our orchard, vineyard and flower beds.  Our Beach Area and Courtyard also allow the children to dig and build in the sand as well as to ride scooters and tricycles on our Great Highway. Our treehouse is our lovely dramatic playhouse and it joins our courtyard community so we can mail letters and walk babies, just as we see these activities done by parents.  
Our program includes lunch time, which is served family style with the children and teachers eating freshly prepared food together.  After lunch, the children participate in either Mandarin or Spanish lessons, depending on your preference for your child.
Our Threeís class has a strong tie to the family, as we have many activities throughout the year.  These activities include our Ice Cream Social, Fall Festival, Momís and Dadís Days, Holiday Sing and Spring Salad Day.  We also invite parents to come in to participate in special projects throughout the year.  We especially enjoy having our parents help us in our gardens and help cook delicious things we make from our orchard.
The children spend the year making close friendships and develop a love of learning and sense of self.  


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