UC Pre-K Program

In our Upper Campus Pre-K program children are arranged in small groups of nine with a primary teacher assigned to each group. Our indoor and outdoor classrooms are designed as an ecosystem of rich experiences that will spark children’s curiosity and feed their intellect. 

Our warm loving teachers lend expertise in each subject area while collaborating to ensure that a cohesive curriculum is offered to each individual child. 

Each morning children are offered daily inspirations in the following subject areas: language, math, social studies, science, art, and gross motor. Once inspired by these short activities, children are offered time to make their own choices in these areas to explore and manipulate materials in a way that feels interesting and exciting to them.
As part of our outdoor classrooms each child tends to his or her own individual garden plot. Our orchards produce plenty of rich fruits that the children can pick and enjoy as part of a learning experience. Bulbs, vegetables, sunflowers, fruit and herbs are planted by the children and cared for year round in sustainable gardens.  
Additionally in the outdoor environment the children feel a sense of community as they participate in activities like running a bakery, doctor’s office, post office or gas station. Each morning our school flag is raised by a different student. The student’s family is invited to participate in the ceremony and the child is “Mayor” for the day of our outside community. 

Each afternoon the children join together to share in a nutritious “family style” lunch. As we sit around the table and share our meal, the children are encouraged to share their thoughts about the day. This is just one example of many that speak to our small, family environment.

After lunch the children attend a foreign language class, either Spanish or Mandarin, taught by teachers who are fluent in the language. These classes are fun and motivating as the children will sing, dance, read stories and participate in art projects all related to the language they are learning about. We offer both beginning and more advanced classes in each language.
When you join the upper campus you will feel a sense of community and family right away. We carry that feeling throughout the year by offering many special events for families to participate in together such as our Nutcracker Dance Performance, Moms and Dads Day, Family Day at the Park, and our culminating Penny Carnival. Graduation is always a very special day for all of us.
One very special feature of our upper campus is the amount of outdoor space for children.  We have our treehouse dramatic play, our courtyard community, the learning terraces, the beach, gardens and our swing and climb playground.  Our longer morning gives children time to reflect and connect with the space and nature of Los Altos Hills.  
We look forward to each new year and making special connections with the children and families in our class.  


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