School Age Care - Children's House Clubhouse


A brief description of our program:

The Children’s House Clubhouse is a school-age child care program for children in grades K-6.  Children’s House is committed to the healthy development of each child through individual attention and encouragement, as well as through group participation and sharing.  Our goal is to provide each child with a safe, caring and cheerful environment in which he or she can make friends, learn new skills, and continue to develop self-esteem.  While in our care many children participate in on campus after school activities such as language, science, sports and scouts.  

At Children’s House we are striving to…

1. Provide quality experiences, companionship, activities, supervision, and guidance for each child in a safe and nurturing environment.

2. Provide security and protection during the day when school is not in session during the school year and also during the summer.

3. Provide opportunities for new experiences, emotional satisfaction, and the growth of independence and self-direction in each child.

4. Activities are planned to specifically enable children to be independent at home once they no longer attend the center.  Snack preparation, CPR, first aide and personal safety are taught.

5. Provide an atmosphere in which children can learn to share and be a supportive member of a group or team.

6. Help support and strengthen the family unit.

7. Provide excellent adult role models who always treat others with respect and foster the values of the American public school educational system.


Each afternoon is planned to accomplish the above goals through…

1. Snack:  specifically to encourage sound health and nutritional practices and create a sense of independence by learning to prepare good after school snacks and enhance self help skills. 

2. Homework help:  to work to coordinate family needs in completion of assigned schoolwork and practice in cognitive skills with tutorial help.

3. Community Service::  to encourage awareness and involvement in the community at large including our center neighbors, our teachers, our parents and siblings, the elderly, the needy, the lonely and the disabled.  We encourage each child to realize that a gift of time shared with others is valuable and worthwhile.

4. Free time, board games and free art activities:  to enhance cooperation and creativity.

5. Planned elementary and advanced art and science activities:  encouraging children to think, reason, question and experiment with varied media as well as build new skills and use time wisely.

6. Organized indoor and outdoor games:  teaching children to view physical fitness as a healthy lifestyle priority and encouraging team effort and involvement.



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