AM PLUS Program

The AM PLUS is perfect for those children who turns five years old during the late fall through spring. AM PLUS is typically a child's third year of preschool. Since these children have already experienced two years of practical life and fine motor instruction at Children’s House, we integrate these skills into each area of the curriculum with specialists in math, science, social studies, gross motor and literacy. We also have an art specialist and a music teacher. The AM PLUS meets for 3 hours and 15 minutes daily. In addition to sequenced readiness activities, children are expected to focus for longer periods of time on their self chosen activities thus refining skills during our extended choice time. The AM PLUS class accepts 45 students who are grouped into five family groups of nine children, with teachers for conference and assessment purposes. Our AM PLUS children typically leave for Kindergarten as they are highly verbal, independent and self assured.

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